Crisis Systems Management, LLC

Crisis Systems Management (CSM) is a small, disabled veteran, woman-owned business established and operating in the State of Missouri as a Limited Liability Company. CSM is owned and directed by Deborah McMahon.

CSM operates and performs for the purpose of training development, training product development, training, and training evaluation as it relates to hostage negotiation, crisis incident management, law enforcement resiliency and peer support, and crisis incident stress management.

CSM has a proven track record providing Crisis Hostage Negotiation and Law Enforcement Resiliency and Peer Support Training in a variety of law enforcement environments as both a prime and sub-contractor. CSM has trained more than 18,100 municipal, state, and federal law enforcement students in the past thirteen years.

CSM has developed and trained more than 180 hours of curriculum related to crisis hostage negotiation and law enforcement resiliency and peer support. The curriculum reflects the most relevant and timely doctrine of this highly specialized law enforcement field. The curriculum is frequently updated and is easily adapted to meet the training needs of first responders, crisis negotiation teams, peer counselors, correctional personnel, mental health professionals and Department of Defense personnel.

CSM has assembled the most qualified and committed team of instructors from around the Unites States; each one bringing years of experience in a variety of law enforcement disciplines and passion for training.

Deborah L. McMahon

Ms. McMahon is a retired Special Agent of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division. Prior to her retirement, Ms. McMahon was an Instructor assigned to Operations and Investigations Division, Advanced Law Enforcement Training, U. S. Army Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Ms. McMahon instructed advanced law enforcement subjects to criminal investigators who were assigned to municipal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies from throughout the world. In addition to her instructional duties, Ms. McMahon developed specialized advanced law enforcement training programs.

Ms. McMahon has developed and trains the most comprehensive crisis hostage negotiation program in the United States - consisting of more than 300 hours of curriculum and training scenarios.

Ms. McMahon currently trains Crisis/Hostage Negotiation for the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center, Johnston Iowa, The Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, for the Center for Advanced Technical Law Enforcement Training and for the Department of Defense.

In a variety of environments, Ms. McMahon has served as a member of a crisis response team, and has negotiated numerous hostage, barricade subjects and potential suicide incidents. In addition to her practical experience, Ms. McMahon has authored Crisis Response Plans, has planned, executed and supervised major crisis response training exercises, and has published numerous professional articles on a variety of law enforcement topics, including crisis negotiations and crisis negotiation training.

Ms. McMahon is a member of the Missouri, Florida and Texas Associations of Hostage Negotiators, as well as the USACIDC Agents Association and the Military Police Regimental Association and speaks regularly at conferences throughout the United States.

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