Homefront Protective Group Law Enforcement Training and Consulting

Homefront Protective Group was established in 1998 to meet the needs of American law enforcement due to the lack of dynamic reality-based- training. Each of our training courses is carefully developed with the purpose of providing the most realistic, practical and effective approach to motivate and empower today's law enforcement while providing the skills to be successful. Our instructors are considered experts in their fields by their peers in law enforcement and are considered on the "cutting edge" when it comes to tactics. Our specialty involves proactive interdiction and investigative training courses that instruct officers how to accomplish their goals and win the fight against criminals and criminal organizations within their own jurisdictions and within their own agency's guidelines and available resources. The feedback received is overwhelmingly exceptional and the reports of success from our students, using the techniques learned from our training courses, are numerous and consistently outstanding.

Lou Savelli

Lou Savelli is the President and creator of Homefront Protective Group. He is a 25-year veteran of law enforcement with 21 years spent with the NYPD. Lou is a highly experienced and successful criminal investigator and is one of the most sought after law enforcement instructors in the world. He created and commanded NYPD's first gang unit called CAGE (Citywide Anti-Gang Enforcement) Unit which was awarded the National Gang Crime Research Center's Award for the Most Effective Gang Unit in the US. After the attacks of September 11th, 2001, he was tasked with creating and commanding the NYPD Terrorist Interdiction Unit which conducted aggressive investigations on Al Qaeda cells in the US. Lou was chosen as one of NYPD's Top 10 Effective Leaders of All Ranks (out of ten thousand potential supervisors) by Police Commissioner William Bratton and he was the first supervisor featured in the highly acclaimed NYPD Leadership School Newsletter. Lou Savelli has written 14 books and numerous articles. He carefully selects his instructors from law enforcement officers who have continually shown success in their respective fields.

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