Ken Sanz & Associates

Ken Sanz & Associates, LLC is celebrating our twenty-fifth year of innovative criminal justice training. KSA's reputation for excellence is bolstered by a team of training associates, each of whom is a career law enforcement practitioner and nationally recognized in their respective field of specialization. Each of the intelligence-based courses is tailored to address the unique needs of students, supported by the latest criminal intelligence, and geared toward immediate and practical application.

Ken Sanz

Ken Sanz, a 34-year law enforcement practitioner, served in both local and state police agencies in Florida from 1973 until his retirement as a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in 2007. During his career, Ken developed a specialization on matters related to criminal intelligence, and engaged in high-profile racketeering investigations on a variety of ethnic organized crime cartels, gangs, syndicates and networks. The prevalence of transnational crime in Florida during this period provided great opportunities for Ken to engage in research projects and pursue criminal investigations throughout North and South America, the Caribbean, Asia and Western Europe.

Ken attended the University of South Florida, seeking a dual major of Political Science and Criminal Justice, as well as attending a host of specialized criminal justice training institutes throughout his decades of service. In the mid-1980s Ken began providing training to police practitioners, focusing on educational opportunities on topics reflective of his career experiences. As a certified instructor, Ken remains active in training on a variety of specialized areas of investigation development, management, and applications of criminal intelligence.

Today, in addition to operating his training and consultation business, Ken remains active as an author of industry related matters, works with professional intelligence organizations, and serves as a research fellow on organized crime issues.

Cathy Hinners

Cathy M. Hinners, retired from the Albany (NY) Police Department after serving twenty years as a Field Intelligence Liaison Officer. Her career exploits include plain clothes and undercover assignments, K-9 operations and field training for patrol personnel.

Much of Cathy's career was spent providing police services within Albany's large Middle Eastern community, where she developed an acute awareness of cultural and ethnic-community traits and characteristics. Over the years this professional interest was honed into an area of specialization, and was supplemented by dozens of training and educational seminars in order to enhance her field work.

Among the numerous professional associations in which she is active, Cathy enjoys membership with the International Counter Terrorism Officers Association, the International Association for Counter Terrorism Security Professionals and the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. In addition, Cathy is commonly consulted as an on-air radio subject matter expert on issues related to Middle Eastern culture, radicalism, Sharia Law, extremist' movements.

As a certified instructor by the State of New York's Division of Criminal and Justice Standards, Cathy has conducted numerous training seminars on a variety of topics related to Middle Eastern culture, extremism and terrorism for members of the criminal justice community at the local, county and state levels.

Mark Cambell

Mark Campbell is a 1991 graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas and a1995 graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Mark is a Board Certified Criminal Trial lawyer and an AV rated attorney by Martindale-Hubbell. Mark most recently served as a supervising attorney with the Office of the Attorney General, Florida, specializing in fraudulent advertising and promotional schemes. Mark previously served as a Special Prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's office in Atlanta, GA, assigned to the HIDTA prosecution team specializing in drug trafficking cartels. Prior to his federal service, Mr. Campbell was an Assistant Statewide Prosecutor with the Florida Office of the Attorney General in Tampa, Florida and for over ten years specialized in white-collar crime and online solicitation of children. During this employment he was appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney from 2004 to 2006 in the Middle District of Florida where he prosecuted federal drug cases.

Mark has been an instructor to law enforcement for over a decade, primarily training local, state, and federal agents in the concepts and application of federal and state racketeering and conspiracy law.

In the summer of 2012, after many years of public service, Mark began a private practice in the Atlanta Georgia area.

Steve Varnell

Steve Varnell was employed with the Florida Highway Patrol in 1982 after receiving a BS degree from the University of West Florida. He was assigned as a State Trooper in Tampa, Florida until a new program was developed. In 1983, the Florida Highway Patrol initiated its K9 program in response to the growing criminal and drug organizations which were expanding their operations through-out Florida. In 1984, Steve was asked to pilot a Drug Interdiction program which utilized a "team concept" after the deaths of several law enforcement officers involved in traffic stops. For the next 27 years, Steve was actively involved with Criminal Interdiction. The last 9 years was spent as a K9 handler on the teams. Steve retired in 2011 as one of the most experienced officers in the country in the specialized area of Interdiction.

Steve is a law enforcement training specialist. As a certified instructor by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, he has taught police topics to his own and numerous other city, county, state and federal agencies. Steve was certified as an interviews and interrogations instructor and as a high liability instructor for firearms and baton. As an adjunct instructor for St Petersburg College, Steve has taught police agencies throughout the country at every level, courses in interdiction, officer safety, patrol, and interviews and interrogations.

In 2010, Steve authored his first book titled, Criminal Interdiction. This is not a book about his career, but a book that strikes at his heart, officer safety. Knowing the pain of losing a fellow officer, (his field training officer and a Trooper he assisted in the interdiction program were killed in the line of duty) Steve explains the topics of safety in stops. Criminal Interdiction has been a very well received book on the topics of interdiction and officer safety. In 2012, Steve released his second book, Tactical Survival. He authored this book after months of study in the capacities by which police officers are regularly killed, yet areas we rarely practice. Again, officer safety is paramount. With these new courses, Criminal Interdiction and Tactical Survival, Steve gathers upon his knowledge, research, and experience to teach real life survival tactics in a fashion like no other. He is a continual student in the areas of officer safety so the information is always cutting edge.


Mary Lattig

Mary Lattig has been employed with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for 22 years, and is currently assigned as a criminal intelligence analyst (II). Amongst her duties, Mary provides analysis in support of criminal investigations involving multijurisdictional economic crimes, cyber crimes, organized thefts, robberies, drug trafficking, violent crimes and organized criminality.

Mary received an Associate of Arts degree from Polk State College in 1986. In addition to basic and advanced training in general criminal analysis, Mary has completed advanced law enforcement training in money laundering, criminal conspiracy, and financial record examination and analysis. Mary earned FDLE certification as a Certified Organized Economic Crime Analyst in 2001, and in 2004 earned certification by the Florida Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association in general intelligence analysis, then certification in advanced analysis in 2007.

Mary has been certified as an instructor by the State of Florida's Criminal Justice Professionalism Program since 2001 and has instructed at FDLEís basic, computer and advanced analyst academies. She serves as a lead instructor for the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts' (IALEIA) Fundamentals of Intelligence Analysis (FIAT) program.

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