RRM, Inc

RRM Inc. is a Texas based training company and has been successfully meeting the training needs of law enforcement officers and criminal justice officials on a national level since 1991. To date, the training staff at RRM Inc. has designed and successfully delivered more than 400 drug law enforcement training programs nation-wide. Russell G. Milan, President and lead instructor for RRM Inc., has thirty-five years of progressive law enforcement experience in state, county, and federal law enforcement operations, training, and criminal justice administration. Mr. Milan is highly experienced in the management and administration of complex criminal and narcotics investigations, having served at all levels of a major narcotics unit from Trooper to Commander. He has exceptional expertise in law enforcement training as well, having provided training on a variety of criminal justice topics to thousands of law enforcement officers in 42 states, Canada, and the Bahamas. Mr. Milan has a M.A. in Criminal Justice Management and Administration and a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, DEA National Drug Academy, and the Advanced Administrative Officers' Course at the Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville.

Ted Wilson

L.E. "Ted" Wilson III is an attorney and former career prosecutor with 34 years of experience; veteran lecturer to law enforcement on writing search warrants, highway drug interdiction, and other search and seizure related issues; co-authored Manual for Arrest, Search, and Seizure; Juris Doctorate degree

Brian Sallee

Brian B. Sallee has 30 years of law enforcement experience; highly experienced in criminal investigations, street-level narcotics investigations, major violators, and clandestine methamphetamine lab investigations; co-authored Narcotics Investigations: Working and Surviving; Master's degree in Criminal Justice

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant is a federal law enforcement veteran with 23 years of experience; acknowledged expert on the elicitation of investigative information necessary for the perfecting of criminal investigations and successful prosecution; developed and authored a comprehensive interviewing and interrogation program adopted by the ATF; received the agency's Distinguished Service Award for his efforts

Samuel M. Candelaria

Samuel M. Candelaria is a veteran police officer with 23 years of law enforcement experience; 17 years experience in narcotics investigations; nationally recognized for his experience and expertise in domestic drug interdiction operations; co-authored Drug Interdiction, Partnerships, Principles, and Investigative Methodologies for Law Enforcement; Master of Science Degree in the Administration of Justice and Security.

Joe H. Medrano

Joe H. Medrano is a Lieutenant with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) with 18 years of law enforcement experience; extensive experience in drug and criminal highway interdiction operations; lead instructor for the State Criminal Interdiction Program; highly experienced in teaching highway interdiction tactics and techniques; recognized by DPS with a Unit Citation (June 2012) for leading the state in illicit drug and currency seizures, felony cases initiated, and felony arrests; former U.S. Marine with combat service.

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