Sawabini & Associates LLC

Sawabini & Associates LLC provides video camcorder training to federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies across North America. Since 1991, thousands of participants have learned how to shoot evidence-grade video that stands up in court. The training covers how to use video to shoot crime scenes, search warrants, accidents and natural disasters and for surveillance.

Sawabini & Associates' customers include FBI Evidence Response Teams, the U.S. Border Patrol, BATF, the DEA, the EPA, dozens of other federal agencies, 34 state police agencies and hundreds of local law enforcement organizations. In Canada, the firm has provided training to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Ontario Provincial Police and to the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario. The firm has also provided training to the Bermuda Police Service

Wadi Sawabini

Wadi Sawabini has more than 22 years of experience training law enforcement professionals how to shoot video. A graduate of the University of Vermont, he holds a BA in Mass Communications. He has taught thousands of law enforcement professionals in the United States, Canada and Bermuda. His courses constantly win high praise from participants on class critiques and in follow-up interviews. They cite the mix of classroom lectures and practical exercises for helping them to develop the confidence needed to document criminal activity using video. In 1991, Sawabini and his wife, Mary, started Sawabini & Associates to provide law enforcement professionals with the skills needed to use video to shoot evidence-grade video.

Wadi has taught for the FBI, US Border Patrol, the Drug Enforcement Administration and dozens of other federal agencies in the United States. The elite DEA Drug Unit Commander's Academy selected Sawabini to teach at its programs at Quantico, VA and Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He has provided training to four of the U.S. Army National Guard Counter-drug Training Programs. Participants in his classes have used their training to document the collapse of the "Big Dig" Tunnel in Boston. At the Sandy Hook Middle School shooting in Connecticut, three graduates of the Video Techniques for Camcorders course used their skills to document the scenes inside and outside at the school and the crime scene at the shooter's home.

Sawabini is a frequent lecturer at international and regional training conferences. His list of speaking credits includes the International Association of Women Police, National Drug Enforcement Officers Association, National Technical Investigators Association, The International Association for Identification and the Evidence Photographers International Council.

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