Southern Tactical Supply

Created in 1983, Southern Tactical Supply Company evolved from a small supplier of specialized Tactical equipment into one of the leading law enforcement training entities in the nation. For more than thirty years, the instructor staff of STS has trained thousands of officers at the local, state, and federal levels in some of the most critical officer safety topics. The High Risk Event Planning System (High REPS) was developed by the company's owner, and has been delivered to audiences across the country including some of the most elite tactical units of our nation's law enforcement community. The planning system has been adopted and used by hundreds of agencies to safely and successfully manage high risk operations for over twenty years.
For over fifteen years, the STS instructional staff has demonstrated its ability to deliver critical life saving training to virtually any area of the country. In all STS programs, the company provides extensive equipment and other resources which optimize the training experience and insure maximum realism both in the classroom and in practical exercises. The combined law enforcement experience of the instructional staff exceeds two hundred fifty years. Each member of the STS Staff is an experienced, successful and highly respected Officer and Trainer. The Staff of STS has a long and unequaled history of safely and successfully training thousands of our nation's officers with the skills necessary to conduct and manage the most demanding and dangerous of operations. Safety and success is not only our motto, it has been our benchmark for over three decades! We train to win!

Dennis Wood, Lead Instructor

Retired from the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Dennis served as the Agency's Director, as well as District Commander, Chief Inspector, and the Commander of the Intelligence Division. Dennis has a total of twenty seven years of law enforcement experience. His career included assignments in patrol, investigations, training, special operations, and administration. Dennis served as a team member, team leader, assistant unit commander and logistics officer for the Bureau's Tactical Intelligence Gathering and Emergency Response (T.I.G.E.R.) Unit. He has extensive experience in a number of areas regarding tactical operations both as an operator and a manager within this environment.

Dennis served on the Mississippi Tactical Officers' Association board of directors through several terms. He is a 1994 graduate of the FBI National Academy as well as numerous other prestigious training programs. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and commendations throughout his career. Dennis has been a member of the STS training staff for over fifteen years and has assisted in the delivery of hundreds of training programs throughout the country. His presence both in the classroom and practical exercises, has contributed greatly to the success of STS training programs for many years.

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