Steven A. Rhoads, PhD

Chief Rhoads is a 40-year police veteran with experience in Virginia, Colorado and Illinois. Rhoads is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Subconscious Communication® and has published several articles on the subject. He has instructed for the past 35 years, having presented his Interview and Interrogation program for the first time in 1978 and his Detecting Danger class in 1981. Dr. Rhoads has been refining the techniques he developed since that time. The material presented in his courses is original and the result of years of research and practical application.

Dr. Rhoads has been utilized by numerous agencies to assist in the interrogation of suspects in major felony cases, or to assist in the development of an interrogation plan for them. He currently works as a cold case investigator for the Pueblo County Sheriff's Department in Pueblo, Colorado. His research in the field of behavioral science aids the student in obtaining a comprehensive view of the material from both an academic and practical perspective. Dr. Rhoads holds a Doctorate Degree in Behavioral Science from Union Institute & University, a Masters Degree from the University of Colorado and is a three-time Medal of Valor recipient.

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