Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Level III (Advanced)
Presented by Crisis Systems Management, LLC

July 17-21, 2017

Training Location: Portland Police Bureau Training Center, 14912 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230

(More detailed location instructions will be provided by email prior to course)

Recommended Lodging: Shilo Inn - Portland, 11707 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97220 (503) 252-7500
Free shuttle to and from PDX 24 hours-a-day.

Prerequisites: 40-hour basic Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course or equivalent plus CSM's Level II Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course (intermediate)

Regarding curriculum: Deb McMahon (417)594-1499 or

Regarding registration: Patti Brayfield (417) 718-2828 or

Regarding training location: Sgt Troy D King (360) 702-6773 or

The third in a series of three progressive courses, Crisis Hostage Negotiation - Level III (Advanced) prepares you for the most complex and challenging aspects of crisis negotiation - leading crisis negotiation teams and managing crisis incidents. We will take you from policy development, to recruiting, selecting, and training crisis negotiator teams, to media management, and managing legal risk.
We will start out with an in-depth look at policy development for crisis negotiation teams and addressing a number of issues including responsibilities, procedures, training, and critical liabilities related to policy. Selecting the right personnel to serve on a negotiation team may be the most important decision a team makes; we will discuss the core competencies of effective crisis negotiators and methods for their selection.
We will select a contemporary issue for presentation, highlighting the most current trends, technology and techniques in a specific topic area.
In a continued discussion of abnormal psychology, you will learn how to recognize PTSD and techniques for negotiating with a PTSD-effected subject, specifically as it relates to combat veterans in crisis. In keeping with the advanced nature of this course, students will plan, facilitate, and evaluate a culminating scenario-driven practical exercise.
Students will also participate as a member of a small work group responsible for developing and presenting projects in one of five topic areas: Case study preparation, team selection, training facilitation, scenario writing or policy development. On Friday, students will make class presentations on the results of their small group projects.
This is a very full and challenging course. Students should be prepared to work outside of the classroom in order to meet small work group requirements.
Pre-incident Planning for Team Leaders
Recruiting, Selecting, and Training Crisis Negotiator Teams
Planning, Facilitating, and Evaluating Scenario-driven Training Conducting Operational Debriefings
Legal Update
Negotiating with Returning Veterans


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