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The Center for Advanced Technical Law Enforcement Training Inc. (CATLET)

The Center for Advanced Technical Law Enforcement Training Inc. (CATLET) is a non-profit consortium of training professionals with a mission of delivering the highest quality public safety related training at the most affordable cost. Most of the over 100 courses listed have been designed for delivery in one or two day formats ensuring impactful training without lengthy time and resource commitment on the part of agencies and students. Shorter conference presentations, as well as longer more detailed versions of most subjects are available.   

CATLET courses are available to law enforcement, military, and public safety agencies as well as other interested government and non-government agencies and individuals. Several courses are appropriate for schools and other community groups, as well as private companies involved in security-related enterprises. 

CATLET trainers are also dedicated to adapting their courses to the needs of agencies and regions. CATLET curriculums are flexible and can be customized to address specific topics of particular importance to requesting agencies.

CATLET instructors are nationally recognized subject matter experts who have been engaged in instructing their subjects for years. All are currently active or former law enforcement officers or have spent their careers working with the public safety community in their fields of expertise.

CATLET providers have years of past performance history with Municipal, State, and Federal contracts and grants throughout the United States. Their commitment to contract compliance, competitive pricing, and the delivery of quality training make them ideal for prime and subcontract bidding partnerships.

Please review the attached list of available classes. Any questions or requests should be referred to Executive Director Bruce Upchurch. Bruce can be reached by e-mail at bruce.upchurch@catlet.org or by phone direct at 515-829-0499 or though 800-636-9107. 

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